Des goûts et des couleurs

Our campers from sessions 2&3, with the help of the French actress and singer Violaine Dumoulin, made a short film entitled "Des goûts et des couleurs" (Tastes and colors).

Inspired by Jean Pierre Genet’s movie Amélie, the film features our campers expressing what they like and don’t like ("J’aime"/"Je n’aime pas").

After several classes about feelings, we asked the children to reflect on their own emotions while carefully taking notes on what they had to say. We then worked together to create various mise-en-scène painting the portraits of our lovely campers.

Before shooting, Violaine introduced the children to the art of acting with a focus on breathing, relaxation, understanding of the body and of how to express feelings.

All the children showed great enthusiasm and creativity during every stage of the filmmaking, helping with lighting, decors, costumes and sounds. We all had a really great time putting up everything together.

You can access the final result on the following link

This video is accessible with a password. The access is reserved to our campers' parents and relatives.

However, you can discover our teaser below :

Amelie, the movie that inspired us:

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