French Classes for Children

We offer 3 unique French After School Programs. 

Weekdays 3:30 - 5:30 pm - Saturday 9:30 - 11:30 am. 

2 sessions: Fall-Winter (Sept-Jan) and Spring (Feb-June).

Contact us for schedule and tuition ($45/2-hour trying class).

French school for fun Los Angeles
French for fun                                        for non-native speakers

Level 1 - beginners Pre-K/Maternelle

Level 2 - intermediate/K-1st Grade

Level 3 - intermediate/Elementary

Level 4 - Advanced/Middle


Our "French for fun" classes are taught with fun games such as French Bingo, crossword puzzles, songs, fabulous art projects and much more ! In "French for Fun" level 2 and 3 children will be exposed to French sounds and practice French conversation.

Oui, learning can be fun !

French school Los Angeles
La Classe                                                      for native speakers

Level 1 - Grande Section-CP (K-1st grade)

Level 2 - CE1-CE2 (2nd-3rd grades)

Level 3 - CM1-CM2 (4th-5th grades)

Level 4 - 6ème à 3ème (Middle School)

Level 5 - Lycée (High School)


This unique program is specially designed for French native speakers and covers the French curriculum for the following classes : GS-CP, CE1-CE2, CM1-CM2 , 6ème, to Terminale (from K to 12th grade), using books and materials approved by the French Ministry of Education. 

French homework Los Angeles
Homework Heaven                            for French Schools students 

This program offers classes that will help your child (from Elementary to High School) to keep up and get ahead in their studies. Our classes will reinforce lessons learned in school, guide your child through homework and prepare your child for upcoming exams. Our qualified French native teachers will also help in Math and other subjects.

We guarantee small groups in order to insure an individual instruction with 2 to 3 teachers present at all times.


Children can be picked up from the Overland Lycée Campus and transported to our facility .

NEW! Check out our new Art Classs  ... in French !

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