Arts & More ... in French !                      for children from 5 to 12

Thursdays  3:30 - 5:30 pm 

Tuition: from $50 per class including Art materials.

At France Exchange, we deeply believe that the practice of an artistic activity favors concentration, creativity and self-confidence. Combined with the learning of French language, our Art, Music or Theater class increases its efficiency: while practicing a manual or physical activity, children will improve their French proficiency without effort

Art & Craft: Our amazing Arts & Craft teachers offer to our students the possibility to practice French in a playful setting, while creating unique art projects. From sewing to painting to paper crafting, each student can express his or her artistic flair while having fun and speaking
French ! Students will make their own costumes, props and settings for their shows.
Club Théâtre: by discovering novels and plays from French literature, students will learn vocabulary, idioms and grammar. They will be asked to comment and discuss their readings, practice improvisations and pick some plays and rehearse for their "pièce de théâtre" show.
Choir Do ré Mi (time TBD): Combining Music with foreign language learning is beneficial because it allows children to develop their musical ear. Singing, for instance, helps the children to work on their rythm, elocution, enunciation and intonation. Our Music class, taught in French, includes learning of music theory, introduction to instrument practice and singing lessons. 


Yoga (time TBD): Practicing yoga progressively raises children’s awareness of their body and breath, and gives them the tools to deal more easily with their emotions. 

Presented in a playful and educational way, each session incorporates energetic and soothing yoga positions, meditation, breathing exercises, group games and reading (in French!).


Arts & More in French

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